Work hard to clear Scotch Broom from your yard

You may not even know you have this pernicious plant on your property, or regard it as too pretty to remove.

The flower is beautiful, but goes to seed all too soon, the seed pods pop open (as many as 18,000 per plant), and are distributed by many different means. The seeds can remain inactive for as long as 30 years!

I’m proud to report, that after seven years of pulling/cutting Scotch Broom on my five acres, I see now only small sprouts each spring that I can pull by hand. It’s like grass mowing – you have to keep at it.

Rich and Judy at 376-3499, or, can loan you a weed wrench. It’s actually fun to use, and makes you feel strong, by using a leverage action to pull the plants. Or buy one over the internet and share with your neighbors. Do it now, before the seed pods get set!

Congratulations to a resident in Victorian Valley who has recently totally cleared his property of Scotch Broom, no easy task, as it is rampant in that area. His work will not be effective unless others do the same.

Margot Shaw

West Sound