Vote for Cindy Wolf | Letter

We’re voting for Cindy Wolf for County Council, and you should, too. Here’s why:

1) Caring for our people, community and environment: Cindy has a big heart. Her priorities are our people, all people, keeping our community healthy and strong, and preserving the beauty of our island environment. Primarily through the Orcas Women’s Coalition, which she co-founded, she’s proven her commitment to social equity, good schools, affordable housing, and health care.

2) Fiscally prudent. Cindy has a mom’s keen, practical eye for stretching a budget. She’s not going to spend our county money on things we don’t need. Cindy knows the county faces budget cuts as tax income falls due to COVID, while county residents need more help to weather the financial downturn. Cindy will make sure our dollars work hard for us and our priorities.

3) Practical, independent thinker. Cindy listens to all sides and thinks for herself. She’s nobody’s party line. She has practical, original ideas on how to craft vacation rental rules to support local residents’ income, while discouraging use of Orcas homes as “cash cows” for off-island investors. She also promotes other peoples’ good ideas. She’ll be an excellent voice for Orcas.

Cindy will do a great job making San Juan County pennies squeak while supporting our deepest needs: affordable housing, health care, diversifying our economy, and protecting our environment. Vote for Cindy Wolf. You’ll be glad you did.

Antoinette Botsford, Lynn Baker, Catherine Ellis, Judy Turksel