Vote Alex Ramel for 40th District State Representative

Alex Ramel has proven himself to be an effective, thoughtful, and strategic leader for the 40th district in Washington. He is a progressive democrat who champions climate action, affordable housing, healthcare for all, fully funded schools, equal pay for women, and gun violence prevention. Alex is also a listener and strong collaborator. I highly endorse and trust him.

I have known Alex for almost two decades. He and I have worked together on many programs in the region, ranging from the Community Energy Challenge that he helped develop, to stopping the Canadian Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. He also says yes to every request I make of him to meet the young people I have mentored and instructed over the years – he greatly values the impact of the next generation and knows how important it is to inspire and educate them.

If you care about climate action and our environment, value social justice, are a parent or grandparent who wants a good future for the children you love, and a person who wants a true, honest progressive in our state government – vote for Alex.

Katie Fleming

San Juan Island