Thanks from former mayor Marley | Letter

Running through the sand on Crescent Beach didn’t change through the pandemic. And as your Mayor, I made sure to explore the intertidal areas with curiosity! Even though we weren’t able to have the parade last year in Eastsound, this year was amazing. We are getting through this together and many more good times are ahead.

A new Mayor Ricky will honor this position and there will be more good times ahead. Keep the vigil and be safe. A big thank you to the Children’s House for putting on the Mayoral Race. An even bigger thank you to Paul Gilliland, Marley’s manager and our best friend, for sending in his votes and helping with so many details. Thanks to all the people that voted for Marley and all the other candidates. Come visit me at the kiosk at the Brown Bear Baking or in the dock in Deer Harbor Marina at Deer Harbor Charters. I love meeting new friends. This is Marley signing off for now but, it was an honor to serve Orcas Island as Mayor.

Ruff Ruff, love you all.

Mayor Marley

Owner Christopher Capo

Manager Paul Gilliland

The Children’s House