Thanks for making One World a success

Since 2003, many of you have been coming to an event called the One World concert series. Turns out that it was nothing more than an old reworked vaudeville show, complete with a variety of performers including circus acts, stuntwomen, dogs and magic with some music thrown in at times.

It followed all of the rules of vaudeville especially the one about “leave them wanting more,” and this weekend was no exception for those that were able to get a ticket. We now close the chapter on this long run of shows over the years where some even planned their vacations around.

A word of thanks is in order for all of the great performers and pillars of Orcas society that made this last show so much fun. We include the families of the young performers that have grown up giving their best to Orcas audiences, the Wilsons, Litch and Carter families. They are examples of what can happen when parents involve themselves in a very positive and consistent way. Thanks to the great rhythm warriors from Seattle that came up on very crowded ferries, Adia Dolan, the Turtleback Brass, Lek Thixton, Tiffany Loney and Katie Zwilling, Ewan Lister, Pete Kirkland, Orcas Center staff, Jim Bredouw, Pete Moe, Gregory Books, Wendy Shinstine, Jean Dickerson and Phil Burbo; housing provided by Chantelle Hildreth, Barbara Bentley, Bill and Susan Fletcher, Bruce and Marty Coffey; and supporting businesses, The Kitchen, Chimayo, Island Market, Office Cupboard and Island Hoppin’ Brewery. A special thanks to Kt Laslo, producer, and Paris Wilson, assistant producer.

Martin Lund

Orcas Island