Thank you to these island women | Letter

The following is a list of the women of Orcas who have inspired me:

Rachel Adams, Marilyn Anderson, Valerie Anders, Joyce Burghardt, Karen Blinn, Phyllis Carney, Hilary Canty, Velma Doty, Barbara Erhmantraut, Gladys Gropper, Phyllis Henigson, Linda Henry, Ruthie Johns, Pam Loew, Margaret Mills, Joyce Nigretto, Hazel O’Brien, Anita Orne, Joyce Pearson, Dawn Parnell, Victoria Parker, Margaret Russell, May Shiozaiva, Karen Speck, Marsha Waunch and Betty Whitridge.

There are and have been many other women on Orcas who have had stars in their hair and eyes who have made Orcas great. I just have not had the opportunity to work with them. Please say thank you to your list and mine. Our Orcas and the world could not be as great as it is without these women.

DD Glaze

Orcas Island