Peter for sheriff

Eric Peter is well-prepared to lead and demonstrates respect by reaching out and listening to a wide range of community members. As Sergeant, he identifies deputies’ strengths and areas for growth and seeks to provide them with the guidance they need to serve our community.

Eric has valuable experience including crime analysis, targeting drug trafficking, and is even certified to teach at the WA Criminal Justice Training Center: proof of his crucial knowledge and ability to effectively communicate.

With law enforcement under a microscope, why choose someone who raises more questions than answers? Eric leads by example, he knows leaders must be held to higher standards because you lose community trust hiding behind technicalities, precedent or delegation.

In our rural county deputies must deal with a broad range of issues. Eric shows his commitment to community well-being by calling for deputies to be properly trained to safely, adequately address the scope of challenges they are required to confront. Forcing them to handle matters like animal control and corrections without any training is irresponsible and places the deputies and community at risk of lawsuits.

A public service agency must responsibly manage resources but it serves a very different purpose than a business; that distinction needs to be acknowledged and respected. Emergency responders need training because people’s lives are at stake, not shareholder profits. Training reduces liability and ensures accountability, which builds community trust and saves taxpayer money. Eric Peter understands this and is ready to lead.

Gerry Miller

Friday Harbor