Islands Sounder Letters?to the?Editor | July 9

Serving Animals, Serving People

The food was delicious, the auction items tantalizing, the auctioneers a hoot.

No question about it, the Orcas Animal Protection Society’s fundraiser on June 23 at the Orcas Hotel was a blast. More importantly, it raised a substantial amount of money for our desperately needed, superbly managed animal protection program.

Having attended the last several APS dinners I can confirm that the annual fundraiser is a terrific feel-good event, a wonderful opportunity to support the island’s lovable four-legged orphans.

Which causes some to ask: “All that money for animals? What about our human neighbors, those who are abused or neglected and in need of service and protection?”

As a proud member the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Services board of directors, I applaud our islander’s generosity in supporting both of these important organizations (not to mention many other worthy causes).

If you’re a supporter of one or the other, may I suggest becoming a backer of both? Having spent many decades dealing with domestic violence I can vouch for the importance of valuing and supporting all forms of life, from pets to people. You’d be amazed at the number of times pets are abused, or worse, in a DV situation.

The DVSAS annual fundraiser is in February. Look for our promotions as the time draws nearer, and prepare for a winter evening of great fun in service to a noble cause.

One way to think about it: If it’s February, it’s time to party for people. If it’s June, we’re all party animals.

Norm Stamper


Gaylord fair and consistent

We have known Randy Gaylord for over ten years. In that time, we have seen him conduct himself with honor and integrity in every possible scenario. Whether he is dealing with the public in regard to a county matter, or in private with friends and family, Randy is consistently honest and fair. As islanders, we could not have a better advocate for the preservation of what we consider precious. In his years as County Prosecutor, Randy has accomplished much in terms of environmental and human rights. Two examples are: his Supreme Court victory in banning jet skis within the county and his creation of an effective crime victims unit. The breadth of his legal knowledge and his ability to tackle every challenge with honor, integrity, honesty, respect and fairness makes Randy our best choice for San Juan County Judge. In August, please join us in voting for Randy Gaylord for San Juan County Judge.

Lance Evans,

Janet Brownell


Fralick serves community

Next month, voters in San Juan County will be selecting the final candidates for County Council in the primary election. I recommend that voters mark their ballots for Richard Fralick. Richard has a long history of service to the community, going back as far as the Orcas School Board in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Richard and I served on that board together. His presence on the board was an asset to its members and contributed to the progress the school district achieved during that time.

Richard listens before he speaks. He has a scientific mind that looks at all the facts, analyzes a problem, and then works out a solution. He always completes his work with professional thoroughness, and he knows how to work cooperatively with others and bring out their best. I believe he will be a positive influence on the County Council.

Joyce Pearson



for judge

As a physician on Orcas Island, I interacted with Randy professionally in his role as San Juan County coroner. I found him to be thoughtful, compassionate and always eager to understand the sometimes complex medical issues surrounding this aspect of his work. I have had the pleasure of knowing Randy personally and of observing his dedication to making our islands a better place to live through his volunteer work, especially with youth sports.

Through my professional and personal interactions with Randy, I am impressed that his thoughtful and well-researched grasp of the law, willingness to truly hear and consider arguments counter to his positions and his impartiality will make him an excellent judge. I urge you to elect Randy Gaylord as San Juan County Superior Court Judge.


Diane L. Boteler, MD


John Linde,

closet republican

Governor Gregoire has made many good appointments – unfortunately, John Linde is not one of them. Linde has a long history in the San Juans as the “go to” guy for big city, mainland developers. When thwarted in his attempts to obtain permits for them, he became so enraged with county staff that his tirades brought some close to tears.

Linde is widely believed to be a Republican. Surrounded and supported by Republicans, he is slipping under the radar with Gregoire’s endorsement and hoping that county voters won’t notice.

Gregoire’s endorsement was a mistake. Let’s not perpetuate that mistake by being tricked into giving him our vote.


Julia Evans


Fralick’s Passion and Experience

The coming national election campaigns are up and running and we are being besieged with rhetoric to get us to vote for certain candidates, and sometimes it feels pointless to assume my one vote really matters. Both sides talk of “change,” and this is rhetoric we’ve all heard before. However, at the local level, we can see at firsthand what is being done and who’s in charge of items that directly affect our lives.

“Home Rule” gives us an opportunity to streamline our county government to fit the unique need of our islands. What is needed here is common sense, full knowledge of our problems and the dedication to “get it done.”

Richard Fralick is a man of experience and passion who will be our partner to keep our islands the way, and reason, we were drawn here in the first place. I met Richard Fralick at a luncheon where a few local citizens get together weekly to discuss all kinds of subjects, and I found Richard a man who is intelligent, well-versed in many things, but above all has a true love for where he lives and wants to be involved in its future.

We can’t go wrong in voting for Richard Fralick for County Council, District 4-Orcas West.

Jim Munson

Deer Harbor