Contributed photo/An evening of dance opens at Orcas Center.

Come Stand in My Shoes offers an evening of dance

  • Sun Nov 14th, 2021 1:30am
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Submitted by Tiffany Loney.

“Before you are quick to judge me, walk a mile in my shoes.”

So many of us struggle to communicate with our authentic voice. We are spurred into conflict with those that have opposing viewpoints and we fail to understand our inter-connectivity. We lose sight of the bigger picture and our collective mission of finding truth in ourselves through one another.

Come Stand in My Shoes, is an exploration of individual perspectives through the love of dance. The shoes are the connective tissue for the storyline. Shoes and feet can be symbols of social mobility and exploitation. They can represent our broader ideas about status, success and wealth. Not only are shoes a necessity and perhaps can help us dance better, they can become a preoccupation of material pursuits or ambition. Must we embrace modernity and abandon our roots if we want to prosper? Sometimes shoes speak louder than words. Come Stand in My Shoes, is a whimsical invitation to keep trying on different shoes.

There’s been a lot to process over the past year during our global pandemic. Fortunately for me and a small group of dancers, we were able to keep our sanity by moving in the dance studio. This allowed for some incubation time for many dances to be formed.

Two strong groups of like minds spawned out of this period. One is a group of aspiring and accomplished young teens who love training, creating and expressing themselves through the art of dance.

Please join us on Nov. 19 and 20 at Orcas Center, as The Orcas Dance Collective and the Junior Dance Collective come together to assist in bringing thoughtful dance programs to our blessed community here on Orcas Island. For information, ticket sales, and COVID precautions, visit