Help Kai return home

  • Tue Jul 18th, 2017 4:20pm
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Help Kai return home

Kai, a one-year-old Golden Retriever, has been missing since he ran away from his family camping on West Beach on July 4. That night, he was seen running east, away from the water and the fireworks.

Since then, he has been sighted several times over the past couple weeks, most recently on Saturday, July 15 going WEst on Terrill Beach Road into the woods behind Mt. Baker Farm.

His family is offering a reward to anyone who can return him to them.


– Blond, male (young – 1 year old) Golden Retreiver, named Kai.

– Green collar with tags and breakaway pinch collar(silver) with attached caribiner.

– Friendly and extremely social, but nervous after escape. May not come when called. Lure with food, let him approach you, do not chase/call.

– Kai has reportedly been spotted in Olga on July 13 and Victorian Valley on July 5 and 6.

If seen, contact Stacy (425-891-4691), Brett (206-619-3579) and/or post on the Orcas Pet Search & Rescue Facebook page with sighting date/time/location so that the family can do a follow-up. A photo is also helpful to confirm it is him and where he is located.

His family misses him and wants him home.