United Way supports prevention | Letter

Prevention can mean exercise, vitamins or seat belts. It can also mean helping children to achieve goals, feel successful and grow into resilient healthy adults. We can prevent self-destructive behaviors by helping children develop strong and appropriate problem-solving skills. We can prevent social and academic failures by helping children discover their individual strengths and self-discipline. We can help prevent violence by assisting children in understanding appropriate emotional outlets and encouraging goal setting with self-esteem. Prevention helps form a healthy community, which is good for everyone.

The Primary Intervention Program helps children overcome small obstacles while they are young, preventing destructive behaviors from forming. PIP assists children in discovering their strengths, capabilities and positive problem-solving skills. PIP provides the opportunity for children to experience success and guide them toward making healthy lifestyle choices.

You can support prevention in our community by giving to United Way. Your dollars will stay in San Juan County and may even be designated for a specific supported program. Your dollars will keep PIP and many other local children’s programs alive and help many future adults to be resilient, feel competent and oriented toward success. Please support prevention. Please support United Way. Thank you.

Margie Sabine

OISD Primary Intervention Program Director