Vote YES on the Levy | Letters to the Editor

I received my ballot today for the Orcas Island School District Proposition No. 1 School Programs and Operations Replacement Levy. I ask each citizen to exercise your privilege to vote for the children. Please read the proposition. Please inform yourself of the value of maintaining and supporting these essential childhood programs. It is no additional cost, just replacing the expiring levy.

I am enthusiastically voting YES ! It is essential to vote now.

Children thrive with positive learning opportunities for Music, Art, Athletics, and Special Needs. The group support in active skill building and self-discipline is timely during the formative years of childhood. I remember playing violin in 3rd grade, which stayed with me as I moved to other schools. Music was my way of belonging in a new place. Playing in a junior orchestra supports a love of music that lasts through life.

Orcas Island School District is fortunate to have a positive affirming music program, as well as very special art that ignites the creative nature in the kids.

This levy is vital. You can feel good about it. Thank you for voting.

Cheers for the children,

Jennifer Johnson Fralick

Orcas Island