Thank you to Russell and Alperin | Letter

I am writing to voice a different viewpoint than that expressed by Dr. Heisinger in his letter of Feb. 12.

Believing that gratitude is a better description than abandonment, as I look back over these last three years of commitment to our community by Dr. Russell and Dr. Alperin, I believe we have been fortunate. Compassionate and caring physician-ship has been ours despite a new and imperfect system.

Perhaps they are taking the time to make different choices as Dr. Heisinger has stated in his second sentence. “Clearly they have every right to define their personal directions.” Yes. Physicians historically are lousy at taking care of themselves. They work too hard. As a critical care nurse at Swedish, I had witnessed this exhausting pace of all-consuming work and worry over their patients.

If retirement or other paths are in their futures, their choice. Let us support and thank them.

Joanne Cundy

Orcas Island