Thank you for Eastsound mayor race | Letter

Eastsound has a new mayor in town!

The people have spoken and they picked a wiener. Congratulations to Noni, a 15-year-old, but very spry dachshund. The key to the town was handed over on July 6 on the Village Green. Accompanied by her campaign manager, Dave Roberts, Noni posed for photos as the community cheered for their newest Honorary Mayor. Noni finished the race with a whopping 51,550 votes. Dave was a great sport throughout the long campaign. Noni’s sponsor, Island Hoppin’ Brewery, served up a special Noni-themed ale all month. Thank you, Dave for your generous support, good attitude and creative marketing. You truly earned this win!

Luna was close behind Noni with an impressive 23,205 votes. Luna’s Campaign Manager Rick Rhoads was an enthusiastic campaigner. Rick and his family were fun to work with and generous with their time and spirit. Special thanks to Orcas Village Store for your sponsorship.

Emmanuel Episcopal’s iconic pooch Ava had a congregation of community members rally behind her. Ava finished off strong with 20,529 votes! Thank you to Chris Kenady and Lori Oakes, Ava’s owners Hugh Grant and Berto Gandara and all of the wonderful members of the Emmanuel Episcopal congregation.

Managed by Meagan Gable, coonhound mix Charlie made weekly appearances at her sponsor Island Pie. Thank you to at Island Pie for your endorsement. Charlie campaigned hard brought in a hefty 7,015 votes!

Max was the underdog in this race, but that did not stop his campaign manager Jim “Duff” Duffield from giving it all he had to finish strong. Max finished with a solid 5,421 votes. We enjoyed having you as a friend on our team. Thank you to The Exchange/ORS for your sponsorship.

This was a record-breaking year for Children’s House’s 11th annual Mayor’s Race. These five campaign managers raised a jaw-dropping $108,288 to fund early childhood education for our youngest islanders. We thank this community for their generous hearts, good sportsmanship, confidence in our program and enthusiasm for this annual event. We have made lifelong friends with some amazing people (and dogs) on this island we all share and love. Thank you to everyone near and far who showed their support and voted for these adorable dogs! Best of luck to Noni on her Mayoral term!

Orcas Island Children’s House

Board of Directors