Letters | April 7 edition

John Bogert for OPALCO Board of Directors

I write this as an open letter to all OPALCO members residing in District 4 (Shaw, Bell, Canoe, and Crane Islands). Elections for the Board of Directors are coming up, and we should all be receiving ballots in the mail mid-April. I want to strongly encourage all District 4 members to read the candidate statements (available at the OPALCO website: www.opalco.com/about/annual-meeting-report/) and recognize what a remarkable candidate we have in John Bogert. John’s background (bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Princeton, master’s degree in electrical power engineering from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute, and a remarkable work history in the electrical power industry) make him a standout for this position. He has already served on the board as secretary/treasurer and is an outstanding and compassionate community leader on Shaw Island. In these critical times, with all the environmental challenges that face us, John Bogert will provide the expertise and leadership that our island communities need. I urge you all to get your ballot and return them to OPALCO before noon April 30, or vote in person at the May 1 OPALCO annual meeting on the ferry.

Brian K. Lynch

Shaw Island

“The Chelan Ferry”

People sit and wait

for the ferry to land

Reading out loud, shopping, eating.

Most people start at the islands

Thinking of the vastness of water

Few homes – islands apart

The Pacific ocean full of mystery

Two speedboats pass the Chelan Ferry

But the ocean beckons to let go

Feel the rhythm of the water

Breathe deeply and find peace.

Molly Symons

Thank you for help with Haiti project

On Jan. 12, 2010, my native country of Haiti suffered its worst natural duster ever, in the form of an earthquake.

As I prepared to return and help, many of you came unbidden to offer your help as well. There were tangible gifts of cash and medical supplies, as well prayers and kind words offered to the success of the venture. I want to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all.

Without your help, the multiple gardens our volunteers and local Haitians installed would have not been possible. Without your prayers and thoughts, navigating the depths of despair in which I found myself engulfed on many days would have been more difficult.

Knowing there were others holding similar goals of helping the Haitian people envision and create a new and better life for themselves was a beacon that kept me connected to my two island homes. So again, thank you for your support with the Limbe Project.

There will be an informational gathering in the coming weeks to let everyone know how the project is progressing, and what you can do to be a part of it. Keep your eyes open for posters advertising this event.

In unity.

Rosedanie Cadet


Helping Hands Noramise.org

Thank you for condolences

Thank you to all of you who expressed and sent sympathy wishes to me after my Mother, Daisy, passed into spirit on March 4, 2010. I deeply appreciate it very much.

Carol Whitbeck

Orcas Island