Turtleback Mountain multi-use trail opens for bikes and equestrians this weekend

Horse and bike riders will be able to share the trails on the North side of Turtleback Mountain Preserve with pedestrians beginning in early April.

Bike use is allowed on even days only, and equestrian use is allowed on odd days only. Riders are asked to always stay on designated trails.

The opening day for bikes is Saturday, April 10. The Land Bank will host a guided trail ride with Dan Christopherson and Kaj Enderlein to introduce riders to the route and the fundamentals of mountain bike trail etiquette and safety, starting at 10 a.m. Meet at the North Trailhead (Crow Valley Road). It is a five to 10-mile ride with steep terrain.

Opening day for equestrians is Sunday, April 11, and the Land Bank is hosting a guided trail ride with Rick Karon and Alicia Miller from 2 to 5 p.m. starting at the North Trailhead. Trailer parking space is limited. It is a five- to six-mile ride with some steep terrain, and while they will go at an easy pace, riders should be well equipped. All riders are asked to register at the trailhead.

For more information contact the San Juan County Land Bank at 378-4402.