In support of Larry Johnson

I am a graduate of Lopez Island High School, class of 2005. I am currently studying education at Washington State University. One of the principal candidates at Lopez Island School is Larry Johnson, who was superintendent during my high school years. He did a wonderful job supporting the students and giving them a voice. He was always willing to address the students’ issues and concerns, no matter the topic. Students felt comfortable approaching him because he had developed a trusting and respectful relationship with them.

I am disappointed in some of the community members’ response to Mr. Johnson’s candidacy. The rumor mill has been ripe with negativity, exaggeration, and lies. As a pre-service teacher, I am shocked at the unprofessional approach that many have taken to the issues surrounding Larry Johnson’s candidacy. I am embarrassed that this educator, who has devoted his life to education and children, has been treated with such disrespect.

Julie Buchanan

Lopez Island