Guard rails definitely needed

For the second time in a year or so, someone has gone off the cliff on Channel Rd. This time with mortal consequences that could have been prevented had there been a guardrail at this dangerous spot. Indeed, guardrails are sorely needed in several cliff-side stretches along Deer Harbor Rd. where it drops off to deep water west of the newly installed guardrails at the sharp curve west of the deli where there has been at least one fatal accident in the past. Those going over the cliff in this exposed and curvy stretch would not have the “luxury” of being discovered at low tide since the water is quite deep.

A couple of years ago, I petitioned Alan Lichter to have the county install the guard rail at the dangerous West Sound curve and he made it happen. Unfortunately, a lot of railing was wasted on the inside of the curve approaching Coffelt Farm from the west on Crow Valley Rd. Our county representative and the County Roads Department need to come up with sensible guardrail installation criteria and install them in these obviously dangerous areas before more lives are lost.

Bill Anders

Deer Harbor