Get hospital district on ballot | Letters

The people of Orcas Island need your assistance. If you are a registered voter please sign the petition to ensure that a Healthcare Service District is on the ballot in April 2018. This petition is circulated this week at various locations.

A Washington state law requires that any proposal for a district that provides healthcare services be named a ‘Public Hospital Tax District.” It is important that you understand that this petition is not about creating a hospital on Orcas Island. This measure is about deciding how we want to go about ensuring that all members of our community have access to primary medical care and urgent health care.

In addition, it is essential that the citizens decide how we want our community to have high quality health care in a sustainable manner now and for future generations.

When you sign the petition this is not a vote of approval, but simply ensures the issue will be on the April 2018 ballot for consideration.

We enjoy many benefits living on this magnificent island. The provision of quality health care is a major objective of all people. When you sign the petition to ensure the ballot is available, you are providing an opportunity to exchange information about the future of health care on Orcas Island.

Please join me in signing this petition.

Tom Ritter

Orcas Island