Orcas Medical Foundation Q&A | Guest Opinion

by Orcas Medical Foundation

This is the first in a series of answers to frequently asked questions about the OMF/UW Medicine plan to have a UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas Island. Each week, these updates will be submitted for publication and also added to an ongoing, cumulative OMF/UW Medicine Q&A document, available now at http://www.orcasmedicalcenter.com/q-a-omfuw-medicine in the interest of open, informed conversation.

Here are just three of the Q&A’s you’ll find on the complete Q&A document:

Why is a UW Neighborhood Clinic being considered for Orcas Island?

Orcas Medical Foundation (OMF) owns the Orcas Medical Center (OMC) building and contracts with medical professionals to manage the practice inside. Since 2011, Island Hospital of Anacortes has managed the OMC practice. All medical and support staff are currently employed by Island Hospital. In late September, Island Hospital informed OMF of its intention not to renew its contract after December 31, 2016. The OMF Board reached out to University of Washington Medicine to explore a long-term plan that could provide ALL islanders with the highest-quality primary care. After detailed discussions with OMF, in Seattle and on Orcas, UW Medicine responded with a letter of intent to establish a UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas.

Why UW Medicine?

UW Medicine is rated #1 in the Nation for Primary Care, Family and Rural Medicine, and already operates and manages a network of 12 successful UW Neighborhood Clinics throughout the Puget Sound region.

UW Neighborhood Clinics is a not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to serve the communities in which they have a presence.

UW Neighborhood Clinics would bring many “best practices” to enable the Orcas clinic to function in the most cost-effective way possible, while maintaining highest-quality service.

How would the UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas be staffed?

All medical and administrative staffing decisions would be made by UW Neighborhood Clinics after the decision to move forward with establishing a UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas.

And here are the additional Q’s you’ll find answered on the complete Q&A document:

What are the benefits to Orcas patients for an affiliation with UW Medicine?

What will it take for the Orcas Medical Center to become a UW Neighborhood Clinic?

Who will manage the OMC practice from January 1 until July 1, 2107?

What can supporters of a UW Neighborhood Clinic do to help?

Why the urgency – couldn’t this decision wait?

Do patients of UW Neighborhood Clinics have coverage by Group Health?

How would the UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas be staffed?

Could patients of another practice use the UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas?

For further information or answers to any other questions you might have, contact omfboard@orcasmedicalcenter.com.