San Juan County Candidate Q&A – Orcas Senior Center

San Juan County Candidate Q&A – Orcas Senior Center

  • Sat Sep 19th, 2020 1:30am
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Submitted by Orcas Senior Center

Orcas Senior Center recently asked our members what questions they would like to see answered by the 2020 San Juan County Council candidates for the General Election. Of the seventeen questions submitted, we consolidated them down to three main questions and invited each of the candidates to answer:

Seniors are the majority of your constituency in San Juan County. If you are elected, what issues and needs of seniors do you perceive need to be addressed and what will you do about those issues that are not already being done?

Do you recognize the impact on San Juan County seniors of the increasing dependence on tourism? What steps would you take to re-balance our islands’ economy that will benefit all islanders, young and old?

What non-traditional forms of housing designed to support seniors, for example small housing, co-housing, and shared/mixed housing, would you be prepared to support?

To read how each candidate responded, go to

The San Juan County Council candidates for the November General Election include Christine Minney and Ryan T. Palmateer for Position 1, and Cindy Wolf and Rick Hughes for Position 2.

Do you still need to register to vote? It’s not too late! The last day to register and update voter information online or by mail is October 26, 2020. The last day for in-person registration and voter updates is November 3, 2020. To register to vote or to change your voter information, go to or call the San Juan Elections office at (360) 378-3357.