The Lundeens’ legacy lives on

  • Fri May 28th, 2021 12:45pm
  • Life
Orcas Island Community Foundation

Submitted by the Orcas Island Community Foundation.

Bob and Betty Lundeen loved Orcas and worked to build a strong community. They were especially engaged in ensuring medical access, excellent public education, support for the aging population and a robust library, as both were lifelong learners. In their lifetimes, they invested in several local institutions, including the Senior Center (the main meeting space is the Lundeen Room), the medical center, the library and the school district (OISD), launching an academic excellence fund that supports career and technical education as well as advanced placement classes.

They made plans to continue their support as their legacy by establishing the Bob and Betty Lundeen Endowment at the Orcas Island Community Foundation upon their deaths (or as Bob was fond of saying- “When his will matured”). Starting in 2020, the fund generates a distribution which is then granted to one of the organizations selected by the Lundeens. OICF polls the four organizations to learn about their current needs and have them recommend the recipient for OICF Board approval. This year, OISD was selected and approved by the Board and will receive $35,000 to support a middle school Student and Family Empowerment Advocate for the 2021-22 school year.

Last year, the Orcas Island Health Care District received a grant to complete repairs on the clinic building.

Thank you to the Lundeens for their efforts in life and in the future. Their investments make Orcas a stronger community and will benefit generations to come. If you are interested in developing a legacy plan, give us a call at OICF, 360-376-5376. We are happy to assist.