The Kaleidoscope Forest is approved

Submitted by Kaleidoscope Preschool and Child Care Center.

Thanks to months of planning, mountains of paperwork and numerous letters of support from our neighbors, The Kaleidoscope Forest has cleared a major hurdle towards reality. On Friday, April 28, we received approval for our Conditional Use Permit for the property at 34 Sunderland Road. This approval is the first step in creating the potential for over 50 licensed Outdoor Nature-Based educational spaces. As the program develops, Kaleidoscope looks forward to creating outdoor space for the entire community to bring education and nature together in new and innovative ways.

With this hurdle crossed, we can now move forward with making the improvements necessary to allow the property to be used safely and securely. The goal is to maintain as much of the forest as possible in its “natural” state. That said, you will notice some changes happening as we prepare the site for parking and other improvements. To minimize the impact on the educational spaces, the site development will be concentrated in the area immediately along Sunderland Road. This work will begin in the coming weeks.

As we proceed with the development process, Kaleidoscope will be hosting numerous opportunities for the community to come to visit the property and also, for those interested, to participate in helping to make this project a reality. Keep your ears open this summer and fall as we update our progress and continue to make Orcas Island a beacon of what is possible in Outdoor Nature Based Education.

If you have any questions or are interested in discussing Kaleidoscope’s educational opportunities for your child, please call 360-376-2484 or email Amber at