Abbey Road LIVE! Celebrate the Fab Four’s Finest at Orcas Center

  • Tue Jun 25th, 2019 1:30am
  • Life

Submitted by Orcas Center.

As Woodstock became the defining moment of the 1960s generation, the Beatles recorded and released their own crown jewel: “Abbey Road,” their final and most iconic studio album. The image of John, Paul, George and Ringo walking the London crosswalk is perhaps the most famous album cover of all time.

“Abbey Road LIVE!” comes to Orcas Center on June 30 to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of the release of the album. Audiences young and old will be able to experience Beatles magic as “Abbey Road LIVE!” delivers its signature performance: the entire “Abbey Road” album start-to-finish, note by note. Featuring classics such as “Come Together,” “Here Comes The Sun” and the epic side two medley “Abbey Road” has been widely recognized as the Fab Four’s finest musical work. The album performance is just part of the evening; fans will be treated to a second set of Beatles tunes spanning the band’s eight-year, 200-song career.

“Abbey Road LIVE!” is not your typical Beatle look-alike tribute act; don’t expect mop-top haircuts and vintage Rickenbacker guitars. Rather, this show brings to life some of the more mature and complex Beatles material in a raw and spirited fashion, while remaining true to the original recordings. Combining attention to detail with a creative exuberance, the band always delights its audiences with its diverse repertoire of hits and more obscure favorites.

Don’t miss the chance to hear this monumental music performed live — something the Beatles themselves never did as they stopped touring in 1966, before much of their best music was released. “Abbey Road LIVE!” runs on the Orcas Center main stage Sunday, June 30, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets range from $15-$47, and are available online at