Thank you for helping me raise puppies for Summit Assistance

I am so grateful for the amazing support of the Orcas Island community for helping me raise the J litter lab puppies, all 11 of them, for Summit Assistance Dogs, a nonprofit organization that creates life-changing partnerships by providing highly-skilled mobility service dogs for people living with disabilities. Learn more at

Your visits helped me socialize the puppies, which is invaluable at this phase of their lives. The puppies met a new person almost every day.

Thank you to those who were on standby, from veterinarians to pilots, just in case the pups required urgent medical care. Thank you to Aeronautical Services and Fed Ex for all the deliveries of food and supplies. Thank you everyone for listening to my many updates about these amazing puppies.

And thank you to Summit Assistance Dogs for giving me this life-changing opportunity and entrusting me with your precious, future service-dog puppies.

Jody Fox

Orcas Island