Fond memories of the maple tree | Letter

When the Islands’ Sounder came to me on Jan. 24 with a picture of the Maple tree, a flood of memories came with it.

The first memory was of being in the second story room of the schoolhouse when Nelly Milton was principal, some seventy years ago. The room was called the English room probably because the subject of reading and writing English was taught there. The branches and leaves of the Maple tree encircled the room and when the sun shone through gave a lovely greenish-yellow light. It was my favorite room in the high school.

Earlier memories included tripping and falling beneath the tree when I was in the first grade.

I remember my mother saying she helped plant the tree, as did others her age. Down through the years, the story of when the tree was planted and who planted it seems to change a bit.

I am happy to know the tree is so loved and valued.

Madeline Reddick Haffey