Thank you for F.E.A.S.T. dinner

The 2010 F.E.A.S.T. harvest meal was a huge success thanks to countless volunteers and community members! The event warmed hearts, fed bellies delicious local food, and raised money for the program!

With deepest gratitude we would like to thank the Orcas Community for their support of the F.E.A.S.T. program, and alternative hands on education. It takes diversity and commitment to create healthy sustainable community. The harvest meal was an example of Orcas at its finest. Over 140 people attended the event, and over 30 volunteers gave their time. May the ripple effect of all of our efforts reach far and wide. Thank you.

The location: Eric and Sandy Brandt for the use of Brandt’s Beach.

The event: Veronica San Martin of Orcas Events for the vision and implementation of the dinner and for directing the tent set up and break down.

For making the summer program possible, thank you to donors Martha Farish and Joe Cohen, Michael Brennan, and Orcas Island Community Foundation.

Appetizers: James Ferraris of Soul Flour for the delicious wood-fired pizza.

The delicious meal: Yuriko Bullock, Libbi Geddes, James Most, Tatton White, Nicole Gelb, Brett Bartmasser, thank you all for your humor and grace during the preparation and the event.

The set up and clean up crew: Sid Saunders, Tali Weinberg, Didier Gincig, Billy Sherick, Ezikiel Barr, Eric Youngren, Eric and Ellen Morris, Guiseppi Spadafora, Kari and Jim Schuh, Laura Trevellan and Pete Moe.

The fantastic servers: Samara Shaw, Iris Parker Pavitt, Annalies Schuh, Sebastian Paige, Kai, Dillan, Key Club Volunteers, and F.E.A.S.T. Alumni.

The bartenders: Nate Feder and Jolene Hoffman.

The local food: Morning Star Farm, Orcas Farm, La Campesina Project, Maple Rock Farm, Sleeping Sea Farm, The Nigretto Farm, Coffelts Farm.

The sound system: Mark Oneill, such a vital detail!

The awesome F.E.A.S.T. T-shirts: Andrew Youngren of 376 Productions.

The logo: Paul Kearsley.

For selling tickets: Smith & Speed, Darvills and Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for everything.

Owen Cheevers and Christopher Evans

Orcas Island