Nou has strong leadership skills

My wife and I have known Rob Nou since 1990. My wife was working as a 9-1-1 Dispatcher at the Yamhill County Communications Cente. Rob was a Patrol Sergeant at the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office. He was the one Sergeant who all of the dispatchers preferred to work with because of his thoroughness and leadership.

In 1993 I was hired as a Deputy Sheriff and was assigned to the West Valley Station, working with Rob as my immediate supervisor. During my early years I was able to observe Rob handling “day to day” contacts with the public, elected city officials, victims and suspects. The one thing that I enjoyed and learned was the constancy Rob displayed with his even, quiet approach to each situation. Rob’s ability to recognize and utilize the strengths of those around him to bring about a positive outcome was refreshing.

Rob realized the need to have the necessary information to determine the cause of, and who was responsible for, fatal and serious injury collisions and developed the Multi-Agency Traffic Team (MATT) in Yamhill County. The team responded to and investigated numerous fatal and serious injury collisions, providing vital information used by the prosecutor in legal actions. The MATT team took their involvement to the next level by stressing prevention through presentations to the local high schools during prom and graduation times. The team was so efficient and successful that neighboring counties began requesting the team’s assistance.

Rob’s concern for his deputies and their families was strong. He came with Bonni to the office on Christmas Eve, on his own time, to assist in telling me that my father had passed away. Rob was well respected by his supervisors, peers and the deputies who worked with him. We asked Rob to come visit a couple of years ago. We were hoping to get him interested in coming to work in San Juan County.

Rob is a man who has spent his adult life in the pursuit of his calling in law enforcement. We believe the citizens of San Juan County will be well served with Rob Nou as our next Sheriff.

Bruce & Bonni Distler

Orcas Island