Support for Brent Johnson for Sheriff

As a former County Commissioner and a member of SJC’s Veterans’ Advisory Board, I’ve worked with Brent Johnson and witnessed his leadership qualities, his personal and professional integrity, and his ability to deal with high-pressure scenarios. Brent’s work in law enforcement over three decades – the experiential side of his college degree in law and justice – is both broad and deep: working with prosecuting attorneys to investigate cases and prepare them for grand juries; supervising in a large-city police department for 21 years; Lead Detective for San Juan County for the past eight years; budget and supervisory responsibilities for a 17-member sector of deputies; expert experience in dealing with drug abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic violence issues; Instructor for the Albuquerque Police Academy; and service with the Joint Chiefs in the Pentagon.

This experience is matched by Brent’s commitment to our community, where he’s the Chair of the Veterans’ Advisory Board, a volunteer firefighter, a Trustee for the Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Services, a member of the Island Red Cross, and a strong advocate for women’s rights, school drug and alcohol abuse-prevention partnerships, and neighborhood watch programs.

We have two good candidates in the current race for Sheriff, but I’m convinced that Brent Johnson is, by a very wide margin, the best qualified to become the next San Juan County Sheriff. Please join me in voting him into this office.

Alan Lichter

Orcas Island