Support Art Lange for Public Hospital District commissioner | Letter

I write to support the candidacy of Art Lange for commissioner of the proposed Orcas Island Public Hospital District. Having known and worked with Art for over 15 years, I believe he represents the prototype for an excellent Public Hospital District commissioner. To encapsulate this recommendation, I believe Art has:

1. Ability to communicate clearly and effectively, orally and in writing

2. Capacity to understand complex organizational and business arrangements/relationships

3. Sound judgment

4. Excellent interpersonal skills

5. Long history of working collaboratively and harmoniously with others

6. Willingness to devote sufficient time and personal commitment to the district’s work

7. Lack of any conflicts of interest, especially with regard to existing island medical providers

8. Understanding of the responsibilities inherent in serving the public as an elected official

Should the proposed Orcas Public Hospital District be approved by the island voters on April 24, and I hope it will, Art will serve us well.

Steven Jung