Sign petition for public hospital district | Letters

I offer the following to support the Coalition for Orcas Health Care petition.

There is a lot of work to be accomplished before we can ask members of our community to vote in April, 2018 on whether or not to approve a Public Hospital District. Signing the petition which is being circulated among us is the first step in beginning a process of educating, informing and above all, listening with respect, to questions and concerns. Signing the petition does not signify approval. As a member of COHC I have come to realize how complex and fragile are the health services in our rural community. We are dependent on, and fortunate to have, neighbors who are generous with their time, financial support, and their expertise in health care services, as well as having an incredible Fire Department and EMS team on which we rely for emergency medical care. I believe that if we sign this petition it will give us the opportunity to engage in meaningful and productive dialogue with our neighbors – to listen and learn from each other – to inform our decisions on the health services proposal when we vote in April.

Consider signing the petition to put the Public Hospital District measure on the ballot so that we as a community can address our need for primary and urgent care (including after-hours care).

JoEllen Moldoff

Orcas Island