Republicans: have a little more insight | Letters

I read the article “Republicans harassed at county fair” with a sense of astonishment. The irony was glaring. Here are some Republicans, portraying themselves as innocent, calling for tolerance and civility while at the same time promoting a person who has flagrantly abused these values and has done more to degrade civility than anyone else in recent memory. Can they really not see it?

Let me say, loud and clear, I unequivocally condemn the harassing the authors experienced at the fair. I was sorry to learn about it. Hostility and disrespect are no good for anyone. They do not help anyone’s cause, either. It is not the way forward. However, the disconnect between the Republican authors’ complaints and the behavior of their party’s leader is truly staggering. After endorsing and enabling someone who is vulgar, denigrates women, plays to racist sentiments, lies, and intimidates his way through life, how can they be surprised by the push-back? At what point will Republicans realize that, despite how kind and civil and tolerant they feel themselves to be in their everyday life, they can not really separate themselves from the ugliness they are promoting? They have become, by extension, the very kind of people they are offended by. If they hope to be taken seriously, a little more insight is in order.

Eric Hall

Lopez Island