Moving Forward with the Land Bank | Letter

Following hard upon the “mysterious” Zylstra Lake trails fiasco, it is timely that review of the entire Land Bank operation has begun. However, it is of concern that the survey available to the public glosses over the most important issues. Goals and directions are important but are irrelevant if they miss the most essential matters:

1.) The process and amount of revenue given how wildly the determinant property values have exploded over the past two decades need a complete and fair overhaul.

2.) The transparency of potential purchases must be improved and if extreme confidentiality is demanded, such purchases must be abandoned.

3.) The “bulldozing” and known lack of respect of private landowners must cease.

4.) Reassessment and REPLACEMENT of senior management is an absolute necessity to legitimize what has appeared to many as a condescending and elitist “we know what is best for you” attitude that has been so common to many “megaventures” over the past two decades.

Then and ONLY then can we move forward for the benefit of our communities.

Mark Fishaut,

San Juan Island