Susan Chaffee | Passages

Susan Chaffee, daughter of PC and Ann Wilde, age 75, passed away unexpectedly on Dec. 29, 2023.

Susan was born in Seattle, Washington and raised her family in Arlington, Washington. Her many interests included education, art, reading, hiking, beekeeping, drinking Belgian beer and being the alpha for three dogs (Belle, Bugsy, Hugo).

She is survived by her brother Peter Wilde and wife Katie Wilde of Boise, ID; brother David Wilde and wife Jan Wilde of Bellevue, WA; brother Tim Wilde and wife Anna Wilde of Seattle, WA as well as her two children; daughter Jenny Chaffee and husband Nate Cushman and their children Zac Cushman and Sophia Cushman of Arlington, WA and son Jake Chaffee and wife Solveig Chaffee and their children Bryn Chaffee, Zane Chaffee and Tor Chaffee of Grand Coulee, WA.

In memory of Susan, please be kind to your pets and preserve Orcas for future generations.