Lum Farm’s Christmas tree sale | Letter to the Editor

Now that it’s 2022 the Lum Farm Holiday Tree Sale feels like a long time ago – but we would still like to button things up with some thank you’s! Heartfelt thanks to volunteers Darryl and Pi, who did everything from scale ladders to direct traffic to tie countless trees to cars – sometimes in the pouring rain, and always in good spirits. Thanks also to members of the Lum Farm crew: to Kyle and Benson for unloading and unwrapping trees; to Damian for manning the farmstand, and to Crystal and Amie for cranking out extra farm chores so that we could keep tree sale hours. And big thanks to Seabird Bakeshop for keeping us fortified with pastries and hot chocolate!

Every single tree found a home. It was an exercise in island community spirit. Employers bought trees for their workers’ families; Individuals bought trees for others who couldn’t afford one. Lum Farm was able to close out the sale by offering trees for free or by donation. It was truly a joy to be a part of holiday traditions as islanders chose their trees and headed off to decorate their homes.

Perhaps our favorite part of the tree sales is extending this holiday generosity to organizations that support island families. We’ve made donations to Kaleidoscope, Orcas Montessori, Salmonberry School, Children’s House, the Santa Tree, Orcas Community Resource Center, and the Orcas PTSA. We are deeply grateful for the work of these organizations and to all the tree sales patrons who made these donations possible.

Thank you Orcas Island, and we will see you again next year!

Amy and Eric Lum, and Mandy Troxel

Orcas Island