Letter to the editor

Looking forward to medical care changes | Letter

Orcas community has come a long way in its struggle for stable medical care. After decades of fundraising and large private donations to different doctors and clinics we are now where ALL are part of the solution through the hospital district. We had a group of people who worked diligently to get the information to the islanders of the problems and what an answer could be. In return, we taxpayers overwhelmingly said YES it was time to form a tax-based hospital district!

We have five commissioners who have worked very hard to put a new hospital district in functioning order that in itself no small feat. Then the reward of combining the two clinics and finally requests for proposals to operate the clinic!

I am personally saddened that the doctors we have at the clinic have chosen not to continue practicing there under Island Hospital administration. For many, it is an unfortunate loss! Not knowing why they did not submit their own proposal or speak up at the hospital district’s many meetings to offer suggestions is puzzling. We have been short-changed if they had another avenue for the commissioners to consider!

It would be an injustice to us all to once again have a situation of burnt-out doctors/fundraising support/split practices when we thought that was behind us because we are willing to pay tax dollars to end an unstable history for medical care on our island!

I will be sorry to lose my doctor but I will stay with the medical center that now has a solid foundation and hopefully practitioners that care for our needs as the many doctors who have come and gone over the decades!

Velma Doty

Orcas Island