Grateful for Orcas Island Clinic

I echo Joanne Cundy’s February 22 letter regarding her praise of Doctors Russell and Alperin. I am very grateful for the excellent care my husband and I continue to receive at the Orcas Island Clinic. I would even broaden the praise to include the entire staff. Over the past three years, the entire team tried very hard to make the UW collaboration work for everyone.

As an Orcas resident I realize that a great deal of effort has been made over the years to find a cost effective health care model that meets all the needs of our community. As a voter I was pleased we finally got an Orcas Island Health Care District and looked forward to real sustainable progress being made. I have had a good experience with UW and was disappointed to learn they will be leaving. I do envy Lopez residents who do not have to endure yet another transition because UW will still be operating the Lopez Health Clinic.

Good health care is a blessing and I am very thankful to the doctors who have made that happen. I wish them well,

Bev Polis

Deer Harbor