Vikings’ athletics wraps season with state tournaments

  • Mon Jun 4th, 2018 10:29am
  • Sports

Orcas Island High School athletics experienced a stellar spring season with baseball, softball and golf all attaining the state playoffs.

The Vikings’ baseball team finished as district champions while Viking golf and softball made the coveted trip to Eastern Washington for final state rounds.

First-year softball coach Kevin White, backed with years of diverse coaching and playoff experience, guided his team through the NW 1A/2B League to be one of the top 16 teams in the state at the 2018 2B WIAA Softball Tournament May 25-26.

“We faced some tough teams,” said White. “After losing the first game in the tournament to Pe Ell 12-0 – we had been shut out 11 straight innings – but we came back strong and had a shutout win in game two, beating Liberty Bell 8-0. The next day in game three we faced Onalaksa and held the lead but couldn’t sustain their offense as they hit some holes and hit them hard. We had fun and learned a lot. I want to thank the players for working hard and never giving up. The experience was great for the team and they learned what to expect. We have the expectation to return to the tournament very soon. Also, I want to thank the parents and coaches for their great support all year!”

The following Viking athletes received sportsmanship awards from state tournament officials: Katelyn Minnis, Sofia Garcia and Emma Rodgers.

Vikings Golf continued to improve their performance in 2018 and persevered as Head Coach Bobby Olmsted stepped aside due to illness and long-time assistant coach Bob Nutt gathered the reins of the talented team.

Under the experience and direction of Nutt, the team met Olmsted’s expectation, sending four players to the district playoffs and three golfers to state May 22-23.

The 2018 State 1B/2B Men’s and 1B/2B/1A Women’s State playoffs were held in Spokane, Washington at the Hangman Valley Golf Course. Orcas was represented by senior Leif Gustafson and sophomores Maia and Zoe Lewis-Shunk. It has been four years since Orcas has sent a male to the state tournament and this is the third trip to state for both the Lewis-Shunk women, according to Nutt.

“The first round of golf was May 22 with 40 players in the men’s event,” Nutt said. “After all the players were in, the cut to move on to the next round wears set at 85. Leif posted a 94. This was not good enough to make the cut but placed him 32nd out of 40 players. Earlier in the day, 80 women golfers teed off. Zoe hit a 105 and Maia shot and 85. When all the contestants were in, the cut to move on was set at 100. Zoe place 52 out of 80 women and Maia advanced to the final.”

May 23 was the final round with 42 women making the cut. Maia ended the day with a 90.

“Maia’s total for the two days placed her in 16th place overall. A very nice showing for the Orcas Island High School Golf Team,” Nutt said.


Golfers Zoe and Maia Lewis-Shunk.

Golfers Zoe and Maia Lewis-Shunk.