Response to “CenturyLink is not keeping landlines open.”

I was compelled to write my own letter in response to Terry O’Sullivan’s letter this week in the Sounder regarding “CenturyLink is not keeping landlines open”.  Perhaps pick up one of those old timey phones that have the push buttons at a garage sale or thrift shop.  They are abundant, cheap and I have a couple.  One is plugged in upstairs in a jack just for a backup in case the power ever does go out.  I have the newer type that plugs into the electrical outlet with the answering machine and 3 phones you can place around the house but trouble is they don’t work in an outage.  I’m not sure if that was the case with Mr. O’Sullivan or not but it’s a good thing to have on hand to keep connected and for safety’s sake.  I have never had my old timey push button phone not work in a power outage.  I also wanted to say “Great Editorial” about being unplugged. It is so true.  It was rather pleasant to get out the lanterns and candles and keep doing things in the storm but I’m glad that it wasn’t for a longer period of time! Thank you to friend Scott Paulson for coming to the rescue with his nifty generator that kept two household’s refirs and freezers cold enough. My husband is down in Arizona and it was a big help to me not to worry about that.  And last but not least….Here is BIG HEARTY & HARDY HUGS and THANK YOU’S to all of the dedicated Opalco linemen and workers who had to be out in that horrid weather to get us back on.  It is so appreciated!


Patty Pirnack-Hamilton

Orcas Island