Blood drive thanks | Letter

This last blood drive on Thursday, Dec. 15 set records. We had 92 donors, a record especially for this time of year! Some were Orcas High School students, returning donors who haven’t given in many years, a couple new “O” positive/universal donors, and the many, many reliable Orcas “Galloneers,” including one newly minted Five Galloneer, which at five local drives/year means at least eight years of consistent commitment.

Thank you again. And thanks to the folks who came in and were not able to donate, but tried. Kudos to you for your trouble. Maybe next time, or maybe a friend in your stead. Your support makes you part of a team that did it! The clinical crew was really on their game, OIFR lent us a very nice room to crowd into, Velma and the Kiwanis added a touch we have not had before in the canteen, and Lions regulars, past and present, showed up to help out.

Thanks to everyone who put out the word, the many businesses, clinics, and others that made sure that an orderly mob arrived on time on one day in one little room to do their part. You rock.


Orcas Island