Track and Field is up and running

The Saints will add another program to meet the needs and desires of their students. Track and Field is up and running.

“We had a handful of kids that asked about the possibility of doing Track and Field” said Coach Ryan Davis, “at OCS it is our goal to do everything we can for our student athletes and this is one more way we are working to give them opportunities to enjoy athletics and learn the values we teach our athletes.”

Coach Davis will lead the program with the help from Saints AD Breezy Davis and assistant Coach Mike Kulper.

Coach Davis has previous Track and Field experience, coaching 3 years in Ohio before his move to OCS. With the help of a fellow teacher Coach Davis started the program to keep his students off the streets and involved in athletics. “Coaching in Ohio was an adventure, we were at a budget tight school and had to improvise. We taught Michael Harris how to do hurdles by placing desks in the hallways at school and teaching him the form and technique inside. Michael went on to win the 110 meter and 300 meter hurdles later that day.” Said Davis “Track and field is a great sport because anyone can do it. If you can’t run, you can jump. If you can’t jump you can throw. I love track because it gets more students involved.”

Coach Kulper has previous experience running track in high school and as you may have seen he tends to run all over the island in all types of weather as well as leading the running club for Parks and Rec.

Coach Breezy has had great experience leading the Saints program and will continue that by helping get this new program off the ground.

The Saints will compete at the 1B level and will go with a smaller schedule in their first year. The goal is to get our kids some experience and take that into the League Championships and see where our kids can take it.

Their are 10 students who have come out to run. The goal will be to build this program with the hopes of offering a High School and Jr High team next year.

If you see one of our runners wish them luck this season.