Girls varsity basketball looks at a year of growth

by Cienna Richardson

Orcas High School student

Viking girls varsity basketball is up, running and shooting. The girls played two games over the weekend. On Friday, they played Mt. Baker and lost, 51-34. On Saturday, they played Overlake, losing 63-26.

When asked about the team’s biggest challenge, Coach Haley Cruz Winchell replied, “Size (in height and numbers). We are a small team in all senses of the word. We need to build stamina and stay healthy to be able to leave our best on the court.”

Overall, Winchell feels great about her squad: “We are young and feisty. We’ve got big goals.”

Sophomore starter Sofia Mahony-Jauregui told the Sounder, “My goals for basketball are to build my team for years to come. I have been playing on the varsity basketball team since 8th grade and it’s a privilege to say that, but this year, I lost my entire team and now I have all new players, so this is my year to build good chemistry with my other teammates and teach them how to become leaders.”