The gift of fire safety | A Letter to the Editor

Wondering what to get your family, friends, yourself, or fellow Orcans this coming holiday season? How about some EMTs? How about a state-of-the-art, ready-to-save-property-from-burning Fire Department?

Island safety and peace of mind depend on these brave souls willing to fight flames.

As the population and tourism increase, the last thing we need is a fire department that is shrinking, aging, and comprised of volunteer fighters and EMTs. We all feel the cost of living and have to prioritize. For me, protecting this island from run-away fires is first on my list.

So, please donate what you can – not just now, but all year – whenever you can.

Also, check with your property insurance company. Premiums are affected by the rating of the Fire Department.

Here’s to a safe, healthy 2024.

J. Joplin