Watson, Durland for county council | Letter

This is an exceptionally depressing election season, with one primary presidential candidate wholly unfit for office and the other representing a historic opportunity to become our first female president, but is opposed by a not insignificant portion of the electorate. Fortunately, we have two well-qualified candidates for county council who can bring fresh ideas and energy to our governance. They are Bill Watson and Michael Durland. Both stress the importance of communication and transparency as essential to producing policies which are understandable, comply with state regulations, and are supportable by a majority of citizens. Both will bring efficiency, consistency and collaboration to the office and, additionally, can help reduce legal costs resulting from poor and erroneous decisions often appealed by various organizations. Bill Watson, in particular, has the ability to use critical thinking skills when looking to find common ground among parties with conflicting views and, very importantly, he will bring respectful listening skills to the work of county staff. The result will be better guidance to the council and less frequent costly turnover in staff positions. Please consider voting for both of these excellent candidates.

San Olson

Lopez Island