A note from LWVSJ | Letter

As almost everyone knows, there’s an important election coming up in November. The League of Women Voters of the San Juans would like to urge you to become the best-informed voter you can be. Ballots are in the mail, and you should have already received your Voters’ Pamphlet. You can also go to the League’s voter website: Vote411.org. Both of these resources provide good quality information, from candidates’ statements that reveal their positions and goals to explanations of the Initiative Measures. And reading the “Argument for” and “Argument against” each of the initiatives provides a helpful understanding of the pros and cons. If you are a new voter here in the county, you can still register to vote by going to the Elections Office across the street from the courthouse by October 31st. Most importantly, be sure to mail your ballot, or drop it in one of the ballot boxes by November 8th. Democracy works because citizens vote. Remember: “Vote and the choice is yours; don’t vote and the choice is theirs.”

Clare Kelm

President, LWVSJ