Vote for Rick Hughes | Letter

It’s not possible to know how someone new to elected office will perform. Political campaigns and the day-to-day responsibility of the office being sought are often polar opposites. Something to consider in this election year.

The people whom we elect to create and carry out policies of governance will make as many mistakes as we¬†but through the continuation of service we begin to know them and to be able to evaluate their suitability to the job. They do work for us, after all, so as voter “employers” it is our responsibility to pay attention.

Having paid attention and had the opportunity to observe the work of councilman Rick Hughes, I can offer my whole-hearted support for his re-election. In my experience, he is intelligent, he is responsive, he is honest, he is a problem solver. These are valuable qualities in someone whom we elect to represent us. I urge you to vote for his continuation in the job of councilman.

Robin Woodward

Orcas Island