Vote for Bill Watson | Letter

Who do county employees support in the election for county council? Bill Watson for seat one (and Rick Hughes for seat two). Why? The employees have three major concerns

Over the past six years, some county departments have seen the proliferation of managers who ‘oversee’ one, two, three or four staff members. County employees feel that having a manager for so few people is not an efficient use of taxpayer money. Second, supervisors have ordered employees to perform tasks in violation of or in conflict with written county policy or state regulations. Failure to obey a supervisor’s direct order may lead to discipline or discharge. As a result, employees often find themselves in a no-win situation, and this has led to low morale. Finally, the county councilors take no active part in bargaining nor do they hear grievances directly from employees, instead receiving information only from administrative staff. County employees believe maintaining this buffer between elected officials and employees is not sound public policy.

While the council is not meant to be directly a part of contract negotiations, there needs to be a way for the issues, positions and ideas of the employees to make it through to the county councilors without being filtered by management. At this point, the union employees do not trust management.

Bill Watson has many decades of successful managerial experience. He will work with staff to improve the employee work environment, ensuring that employees feel safe, respected and valued. Bill will listen to and understand their rationale for interpreting regulations and applying them to the issue at hand. Valued employees are happy, motivated and more productive employees.

Bill wants to make our county one of the top municipalities to work for in the state. If you want county employees who perform their tasks efficiently, who give us the most bang for our buck, vote for Bill Watson for county council seat one. Remember to vote for both council seats, including Bill Watson for seat one.

David Turnoy

Orcas Island