Disagree with Sounder editorial | Letter

It's unfortunate that the Sounder has plunged into partisan politics by publishing Cali Bagby's San Juan Journal article regarding Congressman Rick Larsen as an editorial. It should instead have appeared as a guest opinion.

  • Apr 13th, 2016
Penalize Companies That Export Jobs | Opinion

Penalize Companies That Export Jobs | Opinion

by Michael Riordan

  • Apr 11th, 2016
Penalize Companies That Export Jobs | Opinion

Support for OPALCO, Rock Island | Letter

It is very sad when a resident of the San Juans writes a mean-spirited letter to the editor which promotes boycotting a local business that provides local jobs to hard-working people and provides a high quality, much needed service for myself and fellow islanders. As a retired "techie," I find it additionally sad that the letter also attempts to denigrate these hard-working local people by using the term "techie" and saying that they really hate that "old technology."

  • Apr 11th, 2016

It is time for the wheel to squeak | Letter

Many people are surprised and upset to learn of a new ferry system policy from articles recently printed in the local press. It is disturbing that the ferry system has changed its policy regarding when a person with a reservation needs to show up. You now have get TO the ticket booth 30 minutes prior to sailing or your reservation will be cancelled, as opposed to previously needing to get in line 30 minutes early.

  • Apr 6th, 2016

Shakespeare Festival was a success | Letter

Thank you to the volunteers, businesses and participants who made this year's Shakespeare Festival a success.

  • Apr 6th, 2016

The creek, the culvert | Letter

Cascade Creek has, like most creeks, small beginnings. It's an ignominious little tumbler as it scoots over, around, under and through the rocks, logs, sticks, eddies, falls and stillwaters. Suddenly, it's a respectable creek in all her natural glory.

  • Apr 6th, 2016

The ‘c’ in OPALCO? | Opinion

It is increasingly difficult to remember that the "C" in OPALCO stands for "cooperative." No one is having a harder time doing so than its management and board. Remember when the annual meetings allowed members to stand up and ask questions of management and the board?

  • Apr 2nd, 2016

Ferries need to support local riders | Editorial

The new 30-minute rule from Washington State Ferries requires riders to be past the tollbooth in order to not lose their reservations.

Opalcolypse? | Letter

Looking at the available financial data, Rock Island is now OPALCO's "hobby business." It will always be unprofitable and will always need to be supported by ever higher electric bills.

  • Mar 30th, 2016

Thanks United Way | Letter

We would like to thank the United Way of San Juan County for generously supporting the Funhouse Commons' Healthy Teen Development Program this year. United Way's contribution is enabling us to connect Orcas Island teens and their parents with trained therapists for information, life-skill building, and tools to foster positive social, emotional, and physical growth for teens.

  • Mar 29th, 2016

Support for Bernie | Letter

In all of the hundreds of articles from the various bloggers, pundits, and news sources that I've read to date reflecting on this year's democrat candidates the following from www.Truthout.org stands out in my mind the most:

  • Mar 24th, 2016

Clinton supports ACA | Letter

My sister has Stage Four breast cancer. She was able to enroll in a health insurance program this past year even with this serious pre-existing condition. We have friends that have chronic diseases that previously made it difficult to obtain health insurance because of their pre-existing health conditions.

  • Mar 24th, 2016

Seniors receiving fraudulent mail | Letter

On March 12, my wife and I received in the mail two separate surrogate affidavit forms, along with a page-long letter from William J. Clinton, telling us why Hillary would be best for America. This came within an envelope with the return address, "From the desk of William J. Clinton," in capital letters along with a Seattle address and a footnote in bold letters saying, "Special Message from President Clinton."

  • Mar 23rd, 2016

Thanks from TEDx | Letter

When the Design Team for TEDxOrcasIsland decided on the theme for our 2016 event, we reached out to Corey Wiscomb, a design and art teacher at Orcas High School, for support in creating a logo that spoke to our theme, "Best of Both Worlds."

  • Mar 20th, 2016

Thank you from MAG | Letter

We want to thank everyone who was part of the MAG concert on Sunday, March 6, and helped us raise money to support the music program at the Orcas Public Schools. Thank you to the Orcas Choral Society, Orcas Island Community Band, Island Sinfonia, Orcas High School Band and Strings, Hilary Canty, Dick Staub, Dimitri Stankevich, Linda Slone, Susan Gudgell, Lynn White, Cindy Morgan, Jana Webb, Finn Rubottom, Alanna Lago, Steve Alboucq, Roger Sherman, Karen Key Speck, Jim Shaffer-Bauck, Ned Griffin, Victoria Parker, Chris Waage, Kahana Pietsch, Anthony Kaskurs, Pamela Wright, Darren Dix, the Orcas Island Fire Department and everyone who attended our concert or contributed to MAG. We would not be where we are without you and your support.

  • Mar 19th, 2016

Vote in the caucus | Letter

I've lived on this island now for almost 10 years. One thing I've come to value – in addition to Orcas' natural beauty – is the shared sense of community. By and large, people seem to want to get along. Differences in religion, worldview, political party, basic values, wealth or lack of adequate income don't usually result in yelling, name-calling or physical violence.

  • Mar 19th, 2016

Thanks for NatureBridge | Letter

On behalf of this year's sixth grade class at Orcas Elementary School, we would like to express our gratitude to Orcas Island Education Foundation and former Chair of NatureBridge Valerie Anders for their generous donations toward our trip. NatureBridge is rated first in the country for science field learning for children. Together with class fundraising activity this year, their donations have made the trip accessible to everyone.

  • Mar 18th, 2016

Being brave in the face of death | Editorial

A Friday Harbor woman's Facebook request went viral, reaching more than 30,000 eyes.

  • Mar 17th, 2016

Response to letter | Letters

As a supporter of Bernie Sanders for president, Morgan's comment about Hillary Clinton supporters being afraid to attend the Democratic caucuses is of great concern. I have heard some not-so-nice comments from Hillary's supporters, too, and I know it does not feel good. When passions run high, this happens from time to time.

  • Mar 7th, 2016

Culture of instant gratification| Guest Column

A guest column in the Dec. 16, 2015 Islands' Sounder, written by a high school student advocating for easy-access condoms, is still on my mind because it embodied the same message our culture taught me as a kid: instant gratification.

  • Mar 4th, 2016

Thank you, Sounder | Letters

Thank you, Colleen, for the detailed article on the new downhill bike for my grand-nephew, Jordan Griffin (who is "grand" himself in the other sense of the word).

  • Mar 4th, 2016

Thanks for approving school levy

We wish to extend a heartfelt thank you to the voters of Orcas Island for your support of our school levy. The renewal of the Maintenance and Operational Levy will ensure essential funding source for another four years.

  • Mar 3rd, 2016

A letter to the council | Letters

In 2012 I was served with a Notice of Violation on my Deer Harbor Boatworks property two weeks after I appealed a building permit. I was told I must have a building permit for a storage container in storage, for a boathouse in for repairs, and for tents on wheels used to contain dust. I immediately asked for more information about the code, as I was told in 2007 by a previous Code Enforcement officer, Jeff Wasnick, that they were no violations as my property is zoned an Industrial Outdoor Storage Yard so a storage container is allowed. I am a permitted boatyard so repairs to a boathouse is allowed. My permit conditions require windbreaks to contain contaminates and dust and the tents provide such windbreaks and Jeff told me they were allowed.

  • Mar 3rd, 2016

Sheriff handled a tough situation well | Editorial

It is our belief that when a mistake is made, the best thing to do is take full responsibility, look at why it happened and implement changes to prevent it from occurring again.

  • Mar 1st, 2016

Shakespeare Fest is coming | Letter

The Fifth Annual Orcas Island Shakespeare Festival is coming up March 30-April 2 and we’re looking to put as much of our local talent on stage as possible!

  • Feb 15th, 2016

Thank you for school levy approval | Letter

I want to extend my gratitude to the Orcas Island community for their overwhelming support to renew our expiring educational levy. Orcas Island residents never cease to amaze me with their demonstrations of generosity for our schools. While the final tally is pending, the returns indicate approval by the voters of Orcas Island. The most recent results indicate a passage of 71%!

  • Feb 12th, 2016

Kaleidoscope fills a need | Letter

I wanted to take a moment to respond to the article “New study released on low-income households in San Juan County” published Jan. 27. In the childcare section, it is stated that providers offer limited hours, limited options for children with special needs, pause Preschool services in the summer, and do not offer affordable infant/child care. While it is true that these are challenges that many families in this county face, I want to point out that Kaleidoscope Preschool and Child Care on Orcas Island is doing all of these things, and more!

  • Feb 12th, 2016

Grateful for so much | Letter

I have so much to be thankful for. Nearly 68 years years married to Fred Nicol who died peacefully in his sleep at age 91.

  • Feb 12th, 2016

Thanks to the Sounder | Letter

On every occasion that I have asked you to publish something that would help the Odd Fellows or help me, I have always found that you have been very helpful, courteous and business like.

  • Feb 12th, 2016

Clean up the trash on North Beach Road | Letter

I have noticed litter and trash all along North Beach Road recently. It seems to be getting worse. I don’t know if it’s leftover summer tourist trash, or folks walking to the beach.

  • Feb 12th, 2016

What is a Democratic Caucus and why should I care? | Guest Column

You may have noticed that this is a presidential election year. The majority of states hold primary elections to select delegates for candidates, while 13 states hold caucuses for this purpose. The state of Washington has two primaries, one in May devoted to presidential candidates and one in August for other elected offices and initiatives. In addition, the Republicans hold a caucus in February, and the Democrats hold a caucus in March. Just a little confusing, eh?

  • Feb 8th, 2016

Shoreline program update is overdue | Editorial

As island communities, preserving our 400 miles of coastline is critical for our way of life today, and more importantly, future generations.

  • Jan 19th, 2016

An open letter of gratitude

I have recently had an acute emergency situation that put me in the hospital with surgery, cat scans and a few days in the ICU.

  • Jan 18th, 2016

Consider joining the American Legion

Voyle B. Martin American Legion Post #93 is a non-profit organization that supports America's veterans and also contributes greatly to our local community. Because we are considered a private club by the Washington State Liquor Control Board we are only allowed two days per year to conduct a membership drive so this will be one of our days.

  • Jan 17th, 2016

Thank you to Orcas Fire

I have seen many letters to the editor expressing thanks for what OIFR responders did to help the person writing or someone close to them. As a reader of these letters, I always found them to be thoughtful and gracious and well said.

  • Jan 16th, 2016

Thank you to Chris Brems, Dean Carey

Enchanted Forest Cabaret is the artistic jewel box of designer Chris Brems!

  • Jan 15th, 2016

Renew the school’s M&O levy

We are constantly humbled by the support we receive from you all year round. The volunteers who give of their time, the donors who contribute so generously, and the taxpayers who literally provide the funding we need to stay in business. All of this so our Orcas Island students may have the most exceptional experiences in their public schools. We have so much gratitude for all you do. And we know when needed, we as a community rise to the occasion to support our public schools.

  • Jan 15th, 2016

What I learned from the power outage | Opinion

Note: A power outage is not "magical" for many people. Not being able to stay warm or cook food – especially for seniors – is a scary situation. I am deeply thankful for the linemen at Orcas Power and Light Cooperative for their long hours in freezing weather and dedication to getting the power back on for island residents.