Caps off to Orcas Island Leather Goods | Letter

My name is Jannice Rose, Program Director for Island Reproductive Health Initiative. I want to take the opportunity to thank one of our new local business owners for making a special donation to IRHI.

While our high school students struggled with getting plugged into remote learning online, a group of teens dedicated their time to carry out the mission of IRHI. Their mission: raising awareness about sex education amongst their peers. With direction from Teen Education Leader, Asifa Pasin, the students structured monthly virtual meetings to cover the topics of reproductive health, pregnancy prevention, socially transmitted infections and safe relationships.

Since the annual IRHI pizza appreciation party was out of the question, I wondered if we could come up with something a little bit different to thank these seniors. I went into the newly opened Orcas Island Leather Goods store to check out their products. I was impressed with the variety of high-quality leather products on their shelves. I found out all of their items, ranging from purses, belts, wallets to keychains were all do-it-yourself kits. Wow, what a cool idea! We were on a budget, but I asked if they’d be interested in creating an item for us. Mindy Sonshine, owner of this newly opened specialty store, jumped at the chance to donate their services to create custom baseball caps. She designed an IRHI emblem for a leather medallion sewn onto a tie-dyed cap. It was a unique way to honor these graduates and support IRHI. Caps off to Orca Island Leather Goods and our teen volunteers: Sofia Fleming, Sofia Garcia, Grace Gustafson, Douglas Ha, Uma McMurray, Hazel Moe, and Anwyn Thompson.

Jannice Rose

Program Director, Island Reproductive Health Initiative