Orcas Medical Foundation Q&A | Part II

by the Orcas Island Medical Foundation

This is the second in a series of answers to frequently asked questions about the OMF/UW Medicine plan to have a UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas Island. The complete ongoing, cumulative OMF/UW Medicine Q&A document, is available now by clicking this link: http://www.orcasmedicalcenter.com/q-a-omfuw-medicine

Here are just four of the Q&A’s you’ll find on the complete Q&A document:

How would the UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas be staffed?

Orcas Medical Foundation (OMF) supports University of Washington Neighborhood Clinics (UWNC) establishing a new practice at the Medical Building and integrating any and all Orcas practices at the facility. We understand that UWNC would be responsible for evaluating and hiring providers and staff who apply for employment. OMF believes this would enhance our goal of providing high quality medical care to all members of our community on a financially sustainable basis.

Is it true that OMF has offered to collaborate with other Orcas practices in the past?

Yes, most recently an independent local group proposed a plan for sharing after-hours call across all three practices, and Orcas Medical Center (OMC) agreed to participate.

Is it true that “75% of Orcas residents do not get health care at the Medical Center?”

In the latest reporting period, Orcas Medical Center’s net patient revenue was reported as $912,231 or nearly twice that of Orcas Family Health Clinic’s net patient revenue at $518,815. Clearly, OMC provides far more of the medical care on Orcas Island than is perceived.

Who owns the Medical Center building?

Orcas Medical Foundation (OMF), a 501c3 non-profit organization (originally known as the Orcas Island Medical Building Association), was created to raise funds for, construct, and oversee the management of the building. Individual community members generously donated the funds. OMF owns the building and land. No public funds have ever been involved.

And here are additional Q’s you’ll find answered on the complete Q&A document:

• Does only one Orcas practice provide care for all, regardless of ability to pay?

• Will we really be on the hook for $300K a year in addition to $750K start-up costs?

• Could patients of another practice use the UW Neighborhood Clinic on Orcas?

• Will the Epic electronic medical record system (EMR) only communicate with UW Medicine and its affiliates?

• What has after-hours care on Orcas Island looked like over the past few years?

• Can other practitioners, such as off-island specialists, send patients to the clinic for blood draws and so on?

For further information or answers to any other questions you might have, feeel free to contact omfboard@orcasmedicalcenter.com.